What is shooter7?
Shooter is a free app that lets you safely and securely stay in touch with friends and family.

Why us?
It’s one of the safest ways to stay in contact with friends and loved ones without having to worry about being spied on or hacked.

How does it work?
Download the app at either the Apple store or Google-play store. Setup a account and it will ask you to login to gmail, Facebook and twitter. This will import contacts to communicate with. You are ready to go.

Is it safe?
Yes. With Shooter7 you are 100% protected all the time.

Is this like email?
Nope. Shooter7 runs in the same vain as Facebook messenger.

Will I get spam from ads?
No! No ads will ever be allowed on the app.

Do both sender and receiver need Shooter7 installed?
Yes. It is a closed circuit communication tool. Both parties will need Shooter7 installed beforehand.

Are there any limits to what I can send with Shooter7?
No but you will experience lag time if large items are sent over.

Will Shooter7 always be free?